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2008 11 months, Haidian District, Beijing correspondents reflect the consumer Miss Liu: October 19, 2008, she was in Beijing, D. Electronic Communication Technology Co., Ltd. purchased a model for the F268’s
. After the repurchase, Sharon began to introduce the phone in accordance with the instructions, did not think two hours later, the phone automatically restart the phenomenon appeared, ringtones have also shown a significant problem because the normal phone ring can be set by the weak becoming strong , but this phone’s sound settings are very small at first, and then suddenly become very large, on-screen menu also began to tilt, unfortunately, in the purchase the day after, Sharon would hold the phone to the Samsung’s service department to do detection, the normal host staff actually said. Ms Lau had to go back and then spent another two days, mobile phones more and more serious of these problems, the signal is quite unstable. 23, Miss Liu mobile phone again to get after-sales department to do inspection, an engineer said the problem is caused by the network ring, and the other an engineer, said the network problem causes the phenomenon of mobile phone restart hang, and a staff that Samsung phones this is set. Ms Lau said: Obviously, the phone issues, the staff thought that normal mobile phones, manufacturers can hope for an explanation as soon as possible.

2008 11 months, the Shanghai consumers reflect Mr. Wang told reporters: May 28, 2006, he was in Shanghai Yongle
Home Appliances
Bought three Samsung
Air conditioning
, Respectively, one a hook, a hook and a 1.5 Guiji, a Samsung on the door
, An automatic
Washing Machine
. Unexpectedly, beginning from the installation of these appliances give Mr. Wang added a lot of headaches. First delivery, fridge are delivered only on the place where Mr. Wang asked, simply not been leveling test machine. Moreover, the staff also told Wang to wait several hours before they can start to use, if we find any problems, you can direct dial telephone service.
Washing machine
Only after delivery is to install the most basic water supply line and drain. Mr. Wang discovered in use, there is no drain required to do their own installation hanging, which led directly to the laundry with a slightly higher level when the side of the inlet side of the drainage procedure. Buy one of the air conditioning is also the situation there is not cooling, only the indoor unit in the air, outdoor players do not operate. Helpless Mr. Wang called the phone service, maintenance staff, after that is the outdoor unit in the factory wiring wrong result. Mr Wang said: such a situation, either in the factory when the product quality problem, or is to install the professional quality is not high, the start is not installed. Two other indoor air turning vanes wall machine, start the air conditioner humming after the shock sound, if open to the steering air, also sent Kaka plastic friction sound. In addition, since the installation date, 1.5 hang of refrigeration and heat effect has not been ideal, not as another one of the small hook strong! According to Mr. Wang describes, not only during the installation process left many problems in the use of these appliances are also problems continue, soon after purchase, he found a LCD remote control air conditioning with missing word problem, because it does not affect the use, So there is no fuss. But the refrigerator for two years or so, run the sound became more and more, which makes Mr. Liu can not help but suspect that there is no refrigerator in the placement, leveling, it will happen. As for the washing machine side of the water side of the drainage problem, read the instructions carefully, Mr Lau themselves, but a few months later appeared in the washing machine in the drying abnormal sound when the problem seems to have the voice of loose parts. Mr Lau said: This washing machine from the first use of washing powder boxes discovered leaking out, has been from the washing machine before
Flow to the ground. Impatient because the front panel painting corrosion, erosion by water, together with a detergent, and now face a washing machine looked like tears, like! For Samsung’s service, Mr. Liu is hard to start due to the growing sound of washing machines, dial a telephone repair service, maintenance staff, said after a key parts is broken, need to return to a repair center repair . Repair center calls to Mr. Wang, said the afternoon pick up the machine, Liu quickly leave to go home to wait. Did not expect to wait only a phone call that afternoon without a car, can not take up. Mr. Wang has called the Samsung 800 phone reflect the situation, the result of staff within an hour of washing machine to put away. Is not only a washing machine, air conditioning repair process is so difficult to accept Mr Wong. Not long ago, air-conditioned indoor to outdoor pipes broke, and began to plan their own connected to make do with Mr. Wang, the results touch of broken water pipes, water mains as broken into pieces like biscuits, and Mr. Wang think this is a serious quality problems, or air conditioning drain how it is aging so quickly.

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